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From usa to australia, europe, south america, asia and so many more freighter cruises. Passengers on freighters are mainly retired and early retired people who can. Mcguffick, 72, took his maiden voyage on a freighter in 1998 and hasnt. Hes ticked off 122 so far, travelling through europe, north, central. We can also book your flights and prepost cruise accommodation or any other travel. Freighter travel costs and questions gonomad travel. Travel by freighter to europe, mediterranean, south pacific. In addition, there are frequent sailings to australia and new zealand, south.

If i took one thing away from this book, it is that passengers on a freighter are not. A cargo cruise may just be the cheapest way to travel the. Have you ever thought about traveling by cargo ship. There are 2 shipping companies that currently call into australia with departures. How to travel by cargo ship, with many advantages for those who love the. Heres how you can travel by cargo ship matador network. Time to work for instance on a thesis, a book or a project, which is important. I did a little investigation into freighter travel in the 1970s and 1980s, and i. How to travel by cargo ship around the world transitions abroad.

The ship has one passenger cabin containing four berths with bunkstyle beds which are curtained for privacy and passenger meals are served in the mess room. Thors container ship stay in jamaica in july credit. I didnt want to fly so i took a cargo ship from germany. To book a cargo cruise, youll need to go through an agent that specialises. Cargo ship cruises how to book passage on a freighter. Prices shown are approximate and in australian dollars but at time of. Slowtravel specialist in freighter travel worldwide langsamreisen.

Meet the man who has spent three years travelling the world for free. Many ships only have 2 to 4 cabins so you will usually need to book up to 6 months in advance. Whether a cargo ship has 1 or 101 passengers onboard, it will still sail and use just as much fuel, making. Shipping companies sell surplus cabin space through selected travel agents and i booked my. Cargo cruises we are the only cargo ship specialist in australia so after having a look through the information on this site if you have any further questions or are keen to book, call us on 02 8270 4899. Travelling by cargo ship is a fascinating way to see the world. Freighter travel is a less crowded alternative for crossing a sea or ocean, not using. Our introduction to freighter travel was a relatively short 5day sailing between australia. Unfortunately due to covid19, no freighter ships are taking passengers at this.

View all voyages, what to expect, ask the captain, late availability, latest brochure, book with confidence, contact us, travel extras. A cargo cruise may just be the cheapest way to travel the world. Cargo ship travel things you should know freighter expeditions. Cargo ship travel in asia set sail for a cruise on a cargo ship in asia. But the retired australian farmer says theres no better way to see the world than from a budget berth on a cargo ship. Many questions about freighter cruises are answered. Often, tramp voyages have passenger rooms and travelers can book them.

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